Top 15 Incredible Career Opportunities after Post Graduation in Biotechnology

Top 15 Incredible Career Opportunities after Post Graduation in Biotechnology

Congratulations !! Finally you have completed your MSc Biotechnology with numbers activities like exams, viva's, projects works, unforgettable experience, funny and emotional moments, with lots of fun. Now it's time to use your skill, experience in professional and practical life.. in this article we are discussing about the Career opportunities after MSc in Biotechnology.. as we Biotechnology students, we know that Biotechnology is fully Research oriented field of science and uses living things for formation of products. To get Biotechnology jobs you must have practical hand and knowledge on every techniques of Biotechnology. Everyone is think about there career and future after completion of MSc in Biotechnology.
and wants to secure there future. what are the career options and job opportunities after MSc Biotechnology is big question to all of us. We try to solve this question this article are helpful for students of Biotechnology every one should read this article...

Here is the top15 career opportunities after MSc Biotechnology

1. Get admission for higher education in Biotechnology or related field

You can get admission for higher education course to earn and Advance degree in Biotechnology to continue your study. You can search for your favorite institution with Biotechnology course in India and foreign countries and get admission for higher studies.


2. Apply for government jobs

Apply for the government jobs after completion of MSc in Biotechnology. There are numerous of vaccines are available in government sectors for Biotechnology students. By passing verious Exams like UPSC, PSC, SSC you can get good jobs. In government sectors you can apply for the jobs like...

✓ Testing laboratories
✓ Biotechnology firms
✓ seeds Organization
✓ agriculture organization
✓ food industries
✓ medical Research Institute
✓ public schools


3. Apply for private sector jobs

You can apply for private sector jobs like, jobs in Biotechnology companies, Pharmaceuticals companies . In private sector you can apply for following jobs :

✓  Medical research
✓ private schools/college/Universities
✓ Pharma companies
✓ Biotechnology companies
✓ Medical laboratories
✓ private hospita
✓ cosmetics companies


4. Become enterprenuare (Be Your own Boss) :

Being a successful enterprenuare it is best-n-best and greatest idea after completing your MSc Biotechnology. We always recommend for everyone be your own Biotech Boss. Start your Biotechnology company or Biotechnology startups. It's chalanging job to do, offer lots of money etc.


5. Get fellowship and study PhD in Biotechnology :

In India there are hundreds of Universities, institute are offering doctorate degree/PhD in Biotechnology. You have qualify for the fellowship through the entrance examination. Entrance examination like CSIR-UGC NET, GATE DBT-JRF ICMR and  meny more.


6. Get job in research institute :

After completion of your MSc in Biotechnology you can apply for the jobs in research institute in India, there are 100 of different Biotechnology research institute are ready to hiring for students with good academics records and there skills and talent, Research Institute like Department of Biotechnology(DBT), Indian council of Medical Research(ICMR), Council of Scientific and Industrial research (CSIR), NBRI, CDRI, Regional department of Biotechnology and meny more. You can get here job like project fellow, project assistant, Research Associate, Research fellow, lab assistant etc.


7. Get job in research and development center

Get job in research and development center of India. In India there are hundreds of private and government R&D centers are run. If you have practical knowledge and experience you can easily get jobs in research and development is one of the best reputed jobs in India.


8. Lecturer at school/college/Universities

Coosing career direction is difficult after MSc Biotechnology. Lectureship is good idea after completion of MSc Biotechnology you can teach students at school, college and Universities. Lectureship is an incredible rewarding job. You can talk and teach about that you enjoyed. Lectureship are encouraged to be active resercher as well. Lectureship enhanced your reputation in society, family, friends circle and students also.


9. Open your own coaching class

Coaching classes are always play important role in proper guidance in students life. You can open your classes for students and teach and talk about your favorite subject.


10. Work as Research Associate :

You have opportunity to join as Research Associate a person who plans, organized and conduct the research. Research Associate position is similar to research assistant and below the research analyst.Duties : Gathering Research data, organizing and analysis of material, analysis of data, prepare reports etc.By doing this job you accumulates knowledge and experience and go for towards Research


11. Work as project/Research assistant :

Research Assistant work in wide range of different fields in the Biotechnology and Sciences. Usually Research assistant work on projects alone or collaborative with others.
Duties: plan Research projects, records findings, keep records and account management of projects, undertaking Research etc

By doing this type of job you gain lot of experience and move on to longer term projects and work on senior level.


12. Work as Research analyst:

After completion of your MSc Biotechnology you can work as Research analyst which is considered as reputed, academic and professional position for Biotechnology students. This Position is vacant in verious companies like Biotechnology , Pharmaceuticals, government and private companies.

Duties: prepare and investigates reports.


13. Abroad career/jobs opportunities :

You can make your Biotechnology career in Abroad also. There are number of foreign countries are ready to give a lot of job opportunities and career options in Biotechnology. There are verious certified courses available which can be persuit to improve your Biotechnology career. There are n-number of Entrance Exam are held to get higher education in Abroad. You can prepare for this Entrance Exam and get admission for higher studies.


14. Work in Biotechnology companies

After completion of your MSc Biotechnology you can start your career with Biotechnology company. There are number of companies are ready to hiring MSc students. You can work in..


15. Work in Pharmaceuticals companies. 

You can work in Pharma companies also after completing your MSc Biotechnology.
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